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Hot Excerpt – Savage Retribution

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It’s been a while since I shared anything from the first in my Savage Australia series so – to celebrate the creative explosion that has given me the premise for the next Savage book – here’s an excerpt from Savage Retribution. Enjoy.

Regan opened her eyes. Slowly. She peered around the dark room, squinting at the thin shards of bright light pushing through a narrow crack in the curtains on the far wall. Where was she?
She pressed her palms to the spongy mattress beneath her and struggled into a sitting position, taking in the kitsch, framed prints on the wall and the sunken bed beside her. A hotel room? Was she in a hotel room? The sound of traffic hummed beyond the walls; cars, trucks, motorcycles, and behind those typical urban noises the distant cries and squawks of seagulls. God, she could be anywhere.
Swinging her legs around, she placed her bare feet on the floor and pushed herself upright. Black swirling stars filled her head immediately and she flopped back down to the bed, a dull throb pounding up her jaw into her temple. She lifted her hand, running her fingers along the aching beat.
Damn it! He’d hit her! He’d actually hit her.
“I’m sorry about that.”
The softly spoken words with their even softer accent caressed her ears and she spun around, staring through a fresh wave of black stars at the man sitting in the armchair behind her.
At some stage he’d found himself some clothes. A pair of very faded blue jeans hugged his long, lean legs, emphasizing the corded strength of his thighs and impressive bulge between them, and a black Ramones t-shirt covered a torso Regan remembered being hard and smooth and wonderful to touch. A squeezing sensation rolled through her belly into the warm centre between her legs. Regan scowled. Goddamn it! The man had kidnapped her and here she was feeling horny? She steadied herself on the bed, giving her abductor a mean glare. “Yeah, well sorry doesn’t cut it, mate. If you wanted me to leave that badly you could’ve asked.”
To her surprise, the man laughed, the sound rich and relaxed. “I did ask. You decided to make a phone call, remember?”
Regan closed her eyes. Shit. Peter would be going out of his mind. Probably had the entire Sydney City Police Force out looking for her.
And with good reason?
She flicked a shuttered gaze to the man watching her. She didn’t know. Yet.
“I truly am sorry about the jaw.” The Irish lilt played over her senses like a feather and she suppressed a shiver. She really needed to get her act together. Who knew what he had in store for her? “But we had to go. I couldn’t wait.” Grey storm-cloud eyes grew intense. “We couldn’t wait.”
Regan edged into a more comfortable, but easy-to-spring-from position on the bed, checking out how close and easy to reach the phone was in case she needed to swing it. “What are you?”
The blunt question didn’t seem to offend him. In fact, those defined lips curled into a small smile. “Apart from a freak, you mean?”
Regan didn’t bat an eyelid. “Yes. Apart from that.”
“A werewolf.”
It was Regan’s turn to laugh. “Oh, right. A werewolf. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?”
The man’s smile stretched wider. “I thought it was pretty obvious myself, love. Considering one minute you were stroking my fur and running your fingers up and down my four legs—which I enjoyed immensely, I might add—and the next I was standing before you on two. Furless.”
A very large, hard lump suddenly stuck in Regan’s throat and her head swam again. The memory of the wolf’s unusual humerus and pelvic bone crashed over her, as did her surreal response to the animal’s inherent power. Her skin prickled into clammy gooseflesh. She stared at the man still watching her from his chair, her pulse a rapid hammer pounding in her neck. “Holy shit.”
The man’s smile turned dry. “There’s nothing holy about werewolves, love.”
Frazzled anger shot through Regan and she gave her abductor a glare. “Stop calling me love.”
Even blacker eyebrows shot up, a light she could only describe as mischievous glinting in his grey eyes. His smile grew wider. Wolfish. “And what would you be having me call you, then?”
“My name’s Regan.”
With a speed she’d seen from him before, both as man and wolf, he was on his feet, across the short distance between them and beside the bed. He extended his right hand, the mischievous light in his eyes now devilish. “Declan O’Connell. Your kidnapper for the day.”
Regan ignored his hand, even as a tight, wet heat unfurled in the pit of her stomach at his proximity. His clean but musky scent threaded through her breath and she pressed her thighs closer together, trying her best to ignore the constricting pressure between them. “For the day?” she repeated, looking at him squarely in the face. “So this is just a twenty-four hour thing? Like a twenty-four hour flu?” She paused. “Only more annoying?”
The man—Declan—chuckled, but Regan didn’t miss the dark tension in his gaze. “Perhaps ‘for the day’ was a poor choice of words.”
Regan clenched her fists and jaw. “Perhaps you should tell me what the hell is going on. Because at this point in time, I’m very close to picking up the phone and braining you with it. Hard.” She narrowed her eyes. “I’m still not convinced this isn’t all just a bad dream left over from my run-in with Epoc’s security guards.”
Strong fingers pinched her shoulder before she could move. “Feel that?”
Damn, he’s fast. The thought sent a chill straight up her spine. How the hell was she to get away when he moved like a…
Like an animal?
Stomach fluttering, Regan looked up into the smoldering grey eyes. Damn it, she was in trouble. A heavy lump formed in her throat again and she swallowed. “What’s going on? No bullshit, no Irish charm, okay?”



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This is an entirely silly post, but I have to say Yay!! The premise for the next book in the “Savage Australia” trilogy (which began with Savage Retribution) finally exploded in my head! YAY!!!!

Fingers crossed I will have Savage Transformation finished and in my editor’s inbox (Hi, Heidi *waves*) by early next year!

I can’t reveal too much, but here’s a tease…. Sydney Detective, Jackie Huddart – briefly seen in Savage Retribution, has taken a long-overdue vacation and has returned to her home town in the small state of Tasmania. She is enjoying catching up with old friends, taking it easy. Things are going well, when her best friend, a vivacious and totally extrovert redhead called Delannie McKenzie, goes missing. A mysterious note appears stuck to Jackie’s bedroom mirror. I know what you are. And You’re Mine. It is then the reader learns what Jackie is – a…

OK, I’m not going to tell you what she is *grin*, but she begins to hunt the person who took Delannie, and is suddenly joined by a very mysterious stranger who seems to know more about her than a stranger should. Especially how to make her weak at the knees.

So…. stay tuned for more!

Book Trailer – Tartan Surprise – Selena Illyria

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My latest book trailer, this one for Selena Illyria’s very sexy Scottish werewolf tale, Tartan Surprise.

What do you think?

Hot Excerpt – The Boundaries: Awakenings

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The Boundaries: Awakening
Deception Never Felt So Good

Content Warning: Contains graphic sexual content that may offend some readers.

The hands slid up her body. Skimmed her hips, smoothed over the flat plain of her belly and feathered up her rib cage. She sucked in a swift breath, the action causing her passion-swollen breasts to rise and fall. Fingertips brushed the bottom curve of their swell and she sucked in another breath. Gods, yes…
The fingertips traveled higher, following the heavy curve of each breast in a slow, languid line until strong fingers touched her puckered nipples. “Beautiful,” Zeric murmured, his breath warm on her neck. His rigid cock nudged the cleft of her ass cheeks, a clear testament to his desire. “So beautiful.”
Jai’Enna leant back into him, enjoying the feel of his hard body pressing against her back, of the confident yet tentative way he traced her nipples with his fingers. He lowered his head, the distinctly untamed scent of his flesh filling her breath as he placed his lips on the curve of her neck, at the sensitive line just above her collarbone. Her eyelids fluttered closed and she released a sigh.
“You like that?”
His low question made her smile and she slowly rolled her hips backward and forward, caressing his cock with the curve of her ass. “Very much.”
“And this?”
He closed his fingers over her breasts, cupping them with infinite care. His cock twitched against her butt, reminding her — as if she needed it — of how much she affected him. She lifted her hands, placing them lightly over the backs of his, increasing their pressure. “Yes.”
He turned his lips to her jaw line, nibbled on its straightness until his mouth found her ear. His tongue flicked at her earlobe, his teeth nipped its softness. She hitched in a quick breath and flattened his palms harder to her breasts. “Yes,” she said again, the word almost a sigh.
A low moan rose from his broad chest. She could feel its rumble. It made her nipples pinch tighter and her pussy grow damp. A squirming sensation began between her thighs, a tickling of wet fingers that made her blood roar and her pulse quicken. He followed her wordless request, squeezing each breast harder, increasing his hold until his fingers bruised her flesh and left her gasping and whimpering for… “More. Please, more.”
One hand left her breast, and before her body could cry out in denial, it reveled in jubilation when strong, long fingers slid between the junction of her thighs and parted her nether-lips. They delved deep, rolling over her burning clit as they sank into her tight folds. She arched her spine, pushing her cunt harder to his hand and her ass harder to his cock, wanting to soar higher. She lifted her arms, locking them behind his head and turning her own, offering her parted lips to his mouth. He took them, feasting on their softness, his tongue hot and wild. His hands continued their worship of her body, the fingers in her sex seeking the sweet spot in wriggling, twisting strokes, the hand on her breast cupping and squeezing.
Tears of Druentia.
Jai’Enna’s knees trembled and she felt a wall of creamy pleasure release in her pussy, not an orgasm, but a preamble to the absolute rapture she knew would soon consume her. Its musky sweetness filled the air and Zeric moaned again, low and decidedly animalistic, his hand between her thighs dragging back up to take possession again of her other breast.
“You are truly wonderful.”
The deep male voice filtered through Jai’Enna’s desire-clouded brain and she whimpered again, her cunt growing more sodden with its haughty intention.
Confident hands slid up her calves, the backs of her knees, her thighs. A warm breath feathered her belly, just below her navel before lips more arrogant than Zeric’s scalded a brand on the smooth curve of her mons.
She sucked in a swift breath and tightened her arms around Zeric’s neck, deepening their kiss as Tornada’s hands worked her thighs wide and his mouth claimed her cunt.
His tongue plunged into her sex, rolling over her clit in small circles that sent ripples of tension through her body. His hands moved higher up her thighs, the tips of his index fingers following the velvet line of her pussy-lips back to her perineum. She thrust her hips forward, spreading her legs farther apart to grant his mouth greater access to her sodden sex and his fingers greater access to her ass. Gods…
Zeric dragged his mouth down her neck to nuzzle on her shoulder, his hands growing more savage on her breasts. He pulled on each nipple, tweaking one and then the other in a rhythm matched by Tornada’s tongue on her clit. The unspoken harmony between the two made her head swim with heady lust and a low moan slipped from her lips. She buried her hands in Zeric’s hair, closing her eyes to the sensations his mouth and hands created in her body as she lifted one leg and hooked it around Tornada’s shoulders.
Her cunt opened more, sopping with creamy hunger, a hunger Tornada greedily lapped at with his tongue. The fingers exploring her cleft slid closer to the tight hole of her anus, slicking its clenched entry with her juices. They traced its closed form, making her shift with impatient need, driving her hips harder to his face. “Damn you, don’t tease me!” she ground out, tugging on Zeric’s hair, wishing they’d both continue their languid torture forever and wanting them to bring her to a screaming climax now.
How can you have both?
Jai’Enna didn’t know, she just did.
The conflict drove her crazy and she snatched at one of Zeric’s hands, forcing his assault of her breast to increase. She felt on fire. Her cunt grew hotter, wetter with each thrust and lick of Tornada’s tongue and her breasts grew heavier with each masterful twist of her nipples by Zeric’s fingers. Breath short, heart pounding, she moaned again.
Without a word, she was lifted from her feet, Zeric supporting her torso with his strong arms, Tornada’s mouth still feasting on her sex as his arms wrapped around her hips. She gasped, the sense of being weightless while her body was worship by them both so surreal, so erotic she almost came there and then. Her stomach clenched, her muscles tensed, and suddenly she was pressed to her back, the surface beneath her soft and silken and cool.
Tornada’s mouth never left her pussy. His tongue worked her clit, flicking it over and over again in fierce, tiny strokes. His thumb plunged between her drenched lips and she bucked, her spine arching in such a way her breasts shoved high toward the heavens. Zeric’s hot, wet mouth closed around one nipple before she could flatten, hands both preternaturally fast and tipped by blunt claws whipping under her back and keeping her spine arched, holding her in the position, her breasts thrust up, her cunt spread wide.
She writhed, heels, ass cheeks and shoulder blades pressed to bed. Tornada suckled at her sex as Zeric suckled at her breasts, their surreal harmonious rhythm returning once more. It was as though they were one, a creature created solely to pleasure her. Neither spoke to the other, but both knew exactly what the other did and complemented their action, heightening the rapture rolling through her until she could barely draw breath.
“Druentia wept!” she called as Zeric’s teeth nipped at her nipple the exact moment Tornada’s teeth closed down on her clit. A shudder rocked her, from her sodden core to her swollen breasts. She grabbed at the cool sheets beneath her, a distant part of her mind wondering where she was. No bed she knew was fitted with Sheilite silk.
Does it really matter?
Zeric’s mouth slid from one breast to the other, his tongue, lips and teeth branding the throbbing swell of flesh his own.
She fisted the sheets again, lifting her hips and tossing her head from side to side.
Her climax was building, coming at her hard. She didn’t want to come yet. She wanted to feel them both…
Tornada’s mouth left her cunt and he slid up her body, mirroring Zeric’s position by her side. He took the nipple Zeric had so recently abandoned between his lips, rolling it between his teeth in ever-increasing pressure. Both men suckled and gnawed, each working — again — as one, so neither nipple was without suction.
Jai’Enna cried out, grabbing at each man’s hair, holding their heads imprisoned to her breasts. Their mouths worshipped her. When one sucked, the other nibbled, when one teased, the other tortured. Heat washed over her, a drowning force she willingly succumbed to. She rubbed her thighs together, her pussy clenching and constricting, wanting to be filled.
By who?
She ignored the soft question. Ignored the conflict it created deep in her core. Later…
The two men suckled harder, and then, in perfect sync, slid one hand each down her torso, palmed her belly and found her cream-slicked sex. Tornada’s finger parted her lips first, delving into her tightness with slow, steady penetration. Zeric’s followed, his knuckle finding her clit with familiar ease. She gasped, tugging on his hair and pushing her hips higher. Both men plunged their fingers in deeper, filling and stretching her, making her whimper. They stroked the wall of her sex, twin caresses that flooded her pussy with fresh cream and her body with liquid heat. She cried out again, bucking under their invasion, each hoarse sound feeding their frenzy until their fingers were drenched in her juice.
And still they suckled on her breasts. Still their mouths made love to her nipples. Sensations washed over her, through her. She thrashed on the bed, hammering her hips to their masterful hands, pushing her breasts harder to their talented lips. How did they do it? How did they take her to the Nine Heavens with just their —
Both hands twisted, a flick of each wrist, and suddenly four fingers penetrated her. Four wildly wriggling fingers that drove her to the edge and pushed her over. Four fingers that released the flood and made her scream as climax after climax after climax claimed her. She threw back her head, pressing it to the softness beneath her, her breath ragged, her pulse pounding, the scent of her release — of her desire — intoxicating, more potent than Bliss could ever be.

Reviews! Reviews! Get ‘Em While They’re HOT!

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Oh my God, do I have an tidal wave of reviews to share with you. Ready?

Firstly – Savage Retribution Karen at JERR gives it FIVE STARS and an ORGASMIC HEAT LEVEL! “This book is hard to put down! Declan is sexy no matter what his situation. I couldn’t help falling in love with his Old World manners and charm. Like Regan, I felt safe in his company even before witnessing the first fight and knew she could never leave his arms after their first kiss. The villain, Epoc, is especially heinous, completely heartless and must have recruited his minions from Disgusting Creatures ‘R’ Us. The sex between Declan and Regan is varied and titillating, sometimes slow and sweet, often overwhelmingly passionate, but always stimulating. Be forewarned, however, there is a well written but graphic and disturbing rape scene. Regan’s policeman brother and his suspiciously new female partner are the other secondary characters who add to the tension and mystery. The pace of this story is rollercoaster fast with just about as many spins, twists, drops and turns in the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed Savage Retribution and I highly recommend it to all the wolf lovers among us.”

Maura at The Romance Studio gives it FOUR AND A HALF ANGELS and says, “This is on rollercoaster ride of a story. The main characters are on the run throughout the story and the author has captured that feeling in telling their story. I definitely needed to catch my breath at the end.” and “The combination of a very exciting plot, great characters, evil megalomaniac werewolves, and a sad back story make this a book that will be very difficult to put down.”

Ashley at FAR gives it FOUR ANGELS. ” As soon as I saw the words Irish werewolf, I knew I needed to read this story. I had high hopes, and Lexxie Couper reached them all. Savage Retribution starts off capturing your attention and never stops. I really enjoyed seeing the interactions between Regan and Declan. They are both characters to love, through their faults and all. Regan is strong and knows how to take care of herself. Even when she is scared, either of or for Declan, she shows that she can be compassionate and smart, which is not always easy to find in heroines. As for Declan, I think Irish werewolf says it all. He makes you want Regan to not give in too easily, just to see him try harder. He is sex and charm and everything else you could want from a hero. This story has it all, a hot werewolf, a smart heroine, and a great villain. Savage Retribution by Lexxie Couper is a must read for any romance fan.”

Secondly – Shifting Lust

Serena at FAR gives my sci-fi epic FIVE ANGELS and says, “Ms. Couper is not one to hold back in order to make us feel better about how things happen. Honestly, she’s almost mean to her poor characters in this series. That being said, she also does an amazing job of making them real. How often do you feel like shaking the author because she’s mean to the characters? Her villains are just as real as her heroes and let me tell you, she should’ve been meaner to them! The depraved things they did to and around Raiven and Kyra were just vile and sometimes truly disgusting. If you have delicate sensibilities, do not read this collection. If you can handle the harsh realities that Lexxie Couper has penned in Shifting Lust then please, read it. You will be drawn into a world that is truly awesome.”

Thirdly – Snowbound: Captive Heat

Chris at Night Owl Romance gives my little bit of spice FOUR HEARTS. “This was a great little read. Only 9 pages long, it grabbed my attention and kept it for the whole ride. I liked the interaction of the two characters to one another, and while it lacked a lot of romance, it really wasn’t meant to have it. The end was sweet, and rounded out the tale nicely.”

Amethyst Nymph at Literary Nymphs Reviews says “Lexxie Couper really knows how to dangle a bone in Snowbound: Captive Heat and leave you salivating. The passion is so overwhelming it will hit you like a ton of bricks. Every moment is the perfect build up to what I hope is only the beginning of Darci’s bigger adventure. I have too many questions to let Darci’s erotic adventure go. This enjoyable story is certainly a must read.” She gives it FOUR NYMPHS!

Ivy at Whipped Cream Reviews gives Captive Heat FOUR CHERRY SUNDAES. “This story made me all tingly! It was extremely sexy and fast moving. Darci Watson is amazing — Olympic skier, adventuresome young thing and out in the cold mountains on a bet. I want to be her! Flying down a hill “just because”. Mr. Blue Eyes sounds hot! He is a mystery through the whole story. Lexxie Couper let me use my imagination up until the very end…and I still wanted more. At one point, Darci is pinned up against an ice wall by Mr. Blue Eyes. She should be freezing to death, but Mr. Blue Eyes is just emanating sex and power, keeping her HOT. WOW! I felt the goose bumps on my back and furnace-like heat everywhere else. It’s an awesome picture. It makes me feel like I would while driving on a highway, going 100 mph — just going with reckless abandon. But there is no crash; just soft fur and intense heat. I would even say, raw sensuality. I am definitely putting Lexxie Couper’s backlist on my TBR pile. ”

And last, but not least – Viva Los Regalos: Kat and Mouse

Tallyn at JERR says this about my erotic paranormal crime caper. “Kat and Mouse is an erotic, suspenseful and romantic paranormal tale about two people’s obsession of playing cat and mouse has become more than just a game. Kat is a dedicated and workaholic police officer who loves to be in control while the Mouse is an arrogant and cocky thief who has taken control of their unique relationship at every turn…I couldn’t stop reading even as my PDA ran out of power and I had to resort to reading this story on my desktop. Kat and Mouse is a part of the Viva Los Regalos series and can be read individually. A definite keeper!”

I think that’s it. I’m sure I’ve missed a review somewhere. I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the amazing reviewers for their wonderful words on my books. Consider yourselves all well and truly cyber-hugged!


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So, for my second blog I’m going to brag about myself. At some stage of the game, I’ll actually get my act together and blog about something far more interesting, but for the moment what you’re getting are reviews…

To begin with… Shifting Lust – The Collection

Shifting Lust - The Collection


Goddess Minx at Literary Nymphs says this about Shifting Lust – The Collection…

“Wow! I am still reeling from all the excitement of the three books that lead you on a whirlwind of an adventure for Raiven and Kyra. From one end of the galaxy to the other, thing are happening to them that are beyond their control at times and other times, their love making is so intense it will leave you breathless. This was not what I expected from reading the excerpt or the title, but way more. Lexxie Couper has done a fabulous job on this romantic Shifting Lust. I say here a Golden Blush Award is deserved, along with 5 Nymphs!”

Next we have Kyraninse from Night Owl Romance who says this…

Recommended Read

Shifting Lust is an amazingly hot story brought to steaming, vivid life by Lexxie Couper. I loved the novel premise of a shape-shifter that is affected by lust – it definitely kept things sizzling. Not to say that the plot itself wasn’t enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. Lexxie Couper has a talent for keeping the story running and the reader panting (for more reasons than one) after it. I adored Kyra’s character; not only was she more than enough to take on Raiven, but she has one of the coolest heads I’ve seen in a while. My only quibble is that Drean seemed to have been left in the lurch at the end. I also wouldn’t have minded a lot more back-story to round things out a bit. I sincerely hope that there’s going to be more about Raiven and Kyra. Hopefully Drean will make another show also if there’s to be a sequel. *hint hint*”

You know, the funny thing about Shifting Lust… It was my first series. I fell in love with all the characters. ALL of them, including the villains. A while ago I thought my journeys in Kyra and Raiven’s world was over, but the six systems calls me again. Drean Et will be getting his own HEA soon. He deserves it.

Now… Savage Retribution

My very first novel is being received very well so far. Check this out…

Chocolate Minx at Literary Nymphs says “Savage Retribution is a side-splitting funny action packed story of payback. Lexxie Couper has created a cast of characters, and a plot that takes you to the extreme with an intense fast moving chase through Sydney, Australia. Regan is a sassy, quick thinking female who packs a punch when cornered. Declan is a tough as nails, hard to kill werewolf determined to save Regan. There are sensual love scenes, but I found the hilarious dialog to be my favorite element of this fantastic narrative.”

Angel at Romance Junkies give Savage 4 hearts and says, “The love scenes are emotional with a touch of sensuality. Lexxie Couper knows how to grab your attention and hold it until the last page. SAVAGE RETRIBUTION is sure to gain her many more fans.”

And Beth over at says, “Lexxie Couper’s Savage Retribution is an action packed thrill ride. This story had me on the edge of my seat; start to finish. This story is so strong and well thought out, and the heat between Declan and Regan will have romance readers begging for more. I had a wonderful time reading this story. Lexxie Couper can add another fan to her list.”

The response to Savage Retribution has truly surpassed my hopes. I’m currently plotting the next ‘Savage’ book, following Peter and Yolanda as they hunt and are hunted by a mysterious werewolf killer with an even more mysterious link to Yolanda’s dark past.

There are more reviews (Snowbound: Captive Heat has two so far) but I’ll save them for another day.

I really must say thank you to Renee George and Emma Ray Garrett. This wordpress blog is INFINITELY better! Be prepared, World. Lexxie Couper has just developed the blogging bug! Mwhahahahahahahah