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Eight Ridiculous Questions With… Celia Kyle

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on April 3, 2008 by Lexxie Couper

This month, I subjected the very kinky Celia Kyle to the Eight Ridiculous Questions treatment. Celia is one of the craziest people I know and her responses had me on the floor in stitches! Enjoy…

1.Ever knowingly broke the law? *da dum* *da dum* *breakin the law, breakin the law* Ahem, sorry, slipped back into Beavis and Butthead land…

No, not knowingly. Unless speeding counts. I did makeout with a guy in a car in a field once, but I’m not sure if any laws were broken then…. LOL

2. Are you a moaner, a screamer or completely silent? (You know what I mean <g>) I’m a moaner (gotta give him encouragment) until we get to the big shOw and then I pretty much hold my breath and become silent. 😀

3. Can you stand the sight of your own blood? Ugh. No. Blood? Ick.

4. Ever tried cross-dressing? Yes, actually. Growing up, I danced (tap, ballet, jazz, you name it) and one of the routines was a swing number. I was the guy. Man’s dress shirt, red tie, suspenders, page boy cap, all the way… I was thisclose to convincing our instructor that we should stuff our pants with socks to ensure realism. Sadly, she didn’t go for it. LOL

5. Who is your favourite Muppet? Miss Piggy. She was hot even with her extra cushion. I mean, I write BBW, who else would I pick? Miss Piggy would totally have been a heroine in my books. Except for the fact that I’d probably be sued like nobody’s business by Jim Henson. 😀

6. If you were a sex-toy you’d be…? So many toys… Ack! I’ll go with a vibrating bullet. Those little things are sooooooo versatile. 😉

7. Weirdest place you’ve ever ‘done it’? Ugh, I’m horrible with this. Hubby and I are incessantly boring when it comes to the locations for sex. Sad, but true. Now if we were talking positions…. LMAO!

8. If you were a vegetable, which would you be and why? A cucumber. And do you really have to ask why? I mean, everyone knows what cucumbers are good for, right? 😉

You can find Celia being naughty here And honestly, I had a ball at her site. She really is a talented, wicked lady.