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I’m BACK!! With COVER!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 23, 2008 by Lexxie Couper

Did you miss me? *grin* The holiday was wonderful. Exhausting, but wonderful. We went on a major theme park crawl, taking in Movieworld, Sea World and Wet ‘N’ Wild, as well as playing miniature golf, swimming and eating way too much food. Our suite was lovely, the pool divine, the weather gorgeous and the bed soft and comfy, and in all honesty, what else is important when on a holiday with two small girls?

I’m in the middle of making a mini movie of the fun and as soon as it’s done I’ll post it here for you all to see.

But, in the meantime, I have something to share. The cover for Spaceport: Hidden Phase by the very lovely, very talented Sahara Kelly. What do you think? Isn’t it yummy?

I’m going to print it on a t-shirt and give it away as a prize next month, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow I’m going to share another snippet from the book, as well as a sneak peek from one of my current WIP, One Bite, but right now I have to go stop Chickpea trying to climb into the dog’s kennel.

Until tomorrow,

Love and hugs.

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I’m Off On Holidays!!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2008 by Lexxie Couper

The Couper family are flying up to Queensland on Sunday. We’re spending a week in lovely little resort, making the most of the last time we can go on an off-peak holiday before Peanut starts “big school” next year. So that means I’ll pretty much be MIA. I know you’ll miss me all *grin*. I promise when I get back I’ll share some holiday snaps.

So you won’t be threating too much, I’m leaving you a snippet from Spaceport: Hidden Phase

(Be warned…it’s abit naughty)

Spaceport: Hidden Phase Coming October 10th

Mindless to the startled stares of those surrounding them, he crossed the passageway, drove his boot against the control panel of the nearest sex-den to activate the opening mechanism, and carried her through the newly opened doorway into the dark room. “Lock,” he said, two steps in.
A sharp hiss cut the air, followed by a sharper click as the door slid shut behind him and a dim light flickered into existence. It illuminated the wide bed dominating the small room, and all the sanitized apparatus in sealed display units on the walls.
Without preamble or ceremony, Sabian threw his once student onto the bed.
She landed on her ass, arms and legs flailing as she fought for balance. In a heartbeat, she found it, springing back to her feet to glare at him, sharp blue eyes burning with indignant anger and base desire. She wanted him. Just as much as he wanted her. And it annoyed the hell out of her. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”
Sabian chuckled soundlessly. Fri’ac, she was beautiful. Even pissed off, she was the most gorgeous female he’d ever encountered. What a shame she was going to try and kill him.
Turning his back on her, he crossed to the den’s control panel beside the door, withdrawing his credit chip from a pocket in his jacket and swiping it across the scanner. “Full service.”
A rapid series of chirps followed his instruction, the only sound to be heard as the sex den’s processor deducted the appropriate credit charge from his balance and produced a receipt.
Sabian pocketed both. And then spun around and grabbed Falynn’s right wrist… just as she was about to bury the hooked blade into his ear.

I’ll be back the 19th. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy reading 🙂

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The Official Blurb For Spaceport: Hidden Phase

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“Target acquired. Registered name, Sabian Talano.”
“Military service?”
“What have you got on him?”
“Registered name, Sabian Talano.”
“That’s it? No history of any kind?”
“No other information is available at this time.”

No one on Spaceport Adana knows who Sabian Talano really is. Everything about Talano, the head bouncer at the spaceport’s most popular bar, Haze, is shrouded in absolute mystery. All that’s known is this: Don’t piss him off if you want to stay in one piece. Don’t mess with Emylie, his equally mysterious companion, if you want to stay alive. No one knows who Sabian Talano is, and that’s exactly the way he wants it to stay.

So who is the woman in skin-tight red leather called Falynn Mavek who suddenly appears on the spaceport? Who is the massive man with her, she calls Forty-Two? What is she doing on ’Port Adana asking questions about the secretive head bouncer? And why do her eyes burn with hunger when she finally finds him?

Sabian Talano’s dark chilling past is about to catch up with him. And it couldn’t be more dangerous. Or erotic.

No cover yet, but it’s coming soon! (continue reading &aquo;)

New Covey Book Trailer Nomination! Squeeeee!!!

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My book trailer for Savage Retribution is up for a New Covey Book Trailer award! Wow! If you have the time I’d love you to vote for it!

You can vote here 🙂 (continue reading &aquo;)

New New New!!

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New Release. New Newsletter. New Contest. New Aussie Hunk of the Month. New Website.

Check Them All Out Here! (continue reading &aquo;)


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The wonderful Cameron Foster over at The Romance Studio says this about Spaceport: Highest Bidder, “Highest Bidder is a nice addition in the highly entertaining Spaceport series from Changeling Press. The story was well crafted and while there was a lot going on in the plot, the author made it fit comfortably into the tighter novella-length work. The author’s writing style combined with great pacing to make this a read that’s over all too soon. The characterization was a real treat. Ms. Couper’s characters were all the reader could ever want and strong, emotional, and very likeable.The sensual scenes were well done and plentiful. Much attention was given to detail, making this story blend well with the others in the multi-author series but also building a credible world for the reader to lose herself in. All in all, a recommended read.” And give it Four and a Half Hearts!! Yay!

The just as wonderful Marcy Arbitman from JERR says this about Naya and Dreylan’s tale, “Highest Bidder was my favorite story in the multi author Spaceport series.
Ms. Couper developed a multitude of well-described characters, both good and evil. Dreylan was my favorite character. he worked very hard to help his lover, Naya, fulfill her responsibilities…They had extremely hot sexual encounters and I loved reading about them. I would have loved to have been there and watch them in person. This is the first story that I have read by Lexxie Couper and it was wonderful. I plan to read as many more of her books as possible. Enjoy Highest Bidder!” Marcy gives it FIVE STARS!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marcy and Cameron. I think you are both, well, wonderful *grin*

Buy Spaceport: Highest Biddr here (continue reading &aquo;)


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Now available – in one gorgeous, delicious, sinfully naughty and wickedly dangerous collection… The Boundaries.

The Boundaries was my second serial at Changeling Press. Imagine brooding werewolves meets Firefly with a touch of Alias thrown in and you’ve kinda got an idea of what I was thinking when I started it. The hero< Zeric Arctos is a Terran Boundary Guardian, a deep space law enforcement officer who guards the thin strip of space that separates the elite Inner Boundaries with the wild and violent Outer Boundaries. Zeric suffers from an Ancient Terran blood curse and when he meets Jai’Enna Ti, an intergalactic sexual assassin posing as a sex slave to find the crime lord responsible for her kid sister’s death…. well…. maybe I’ll let you find out *grin* Throw into the mix another assassin with a score to settle with Jai’Enna and Zeric’s passionate Master-Pleasurer, Jak V’Tan and the fun really gets going.

Here’s an excerpt.. (Be warned… it’s explicit)

The hands slid up her body. Skimmed her hips, smoothed over the flat plain of her belly and feathered up her rib cage. She sucked in a swift breath, the action causing her passion-swollen breasts to rise and fall. Fingertips brushed the bottom curve of their swell and she sucked in another breath. Gods, yes…
The fingertips traveled higher, following the heavy curve of each breast in a slow, languid line until strong fingers touched her puckered nipples. “Beautiful,” Zeric murmured, his breath warm on her neck. His rigid cock nudged the cleft of her ass cheeks, a clear testament to his desire. “So beautiful.”
Jai’Enna leant back into him, enjoying the feel of his hard body pressing against her back, of the confident yet tentative way he traced her nipples with his fingers. He lowered his head, the distinctly untamed scent of his flesh filling her breath as he placed his lips on the curve of her neck, at the sensitive line just above her collarbone. Her eyelids fluttered closed and she released a sigh.
“You like that?”
His low question made her smile and she slowly rolled her hips backward and forward, caressing his cock with the curve of her ass. “Very much.”
“And this?”
He closed his fingers over her breasts, cupping them with infinite care. His cock twitched against her butt, reminding her — as if she needed it — of how much she affected him. She lifted her hands, placing them lightly over the backs of his, increasing their pressure. “Yes.”
He turned his lips to her jaw line, nibbled on its straightness until his mouth found her ear. His tongue flicked at her earlobe, his teeth nipped its softness. She hitched in a quick breath and flattened his palms harder to her breasts. “Yes,” she said again, the word almost a sigh.
A low moan rose from his broad chest. She could feel its rumble. It made her nipples pinch tighter and her pussy grow damp. A squirming sens… (continue reading &aquo;)