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Talent!! Wes Carr

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2008 by Lexxie Couper

OK, I need to confess something. I’m an Australian Idol junkie. I’m addicted and this year the performers have all been incredible. But my favourite is Wes Carr. Wes is in the final three (the final two will be announced tonight, Australian time) and I would bet my house he will be in the final two. This was one of his performances last night. Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

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Resurrection, Deadline Hell, NanoWrimo and Molars

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2008 by Lexxie Couper

I’m back. Yes, I did go away. No honest I did. *grin* I didn’t actually GO anywhere this time, not physically, but I have been spending waaaay too much time in a horrible, horrible place called Deadline Hell. Deadline Hell is a hideous, exhausting place. A place of little sleep, gnawing self-doubt and nasty, nasty paranoia. I need to have a 70,000 word mss finished, polished and submitted to my editor by the end of this month. My current word count is 39,650. I’m getting there, but damn, I really really wish I could just go to bed *grin*

Of course, like the maniac I am, I decided to do NanoWrimo this month (as if I didn’t have enough to do). Never done it before, but my very very good friend, Dawn Montogermy convinced me to do it, so I’m there. I set myself a two thousand words a day count and have pretty much completely failed. But you know what? I’m having lots of fun trying to make that count so I don’t really mind all that much. If you check out my NanoWrimo page you can track my progress, read a blurb for the book and check out a snippet.

As for the molars…guess who now has three. Yep. At thirteen months of age, Chickpea has three molars, two of which cut at the same time. It’s been an interesting past month. Lots of tears, lots of cuddles, lots of tantrums…and then there’s Chickpea (*grin*) Peanut looks at her baby sister sometimes when Chickpea is at her worst and I can see her wondering if I’d notice if she put Chickpea in the local letter box. Hmmmm….

But on the whole – apart from life being ridiculously busy and my terrible neglect of this blog – things are going well. On a bloggish kinda note, I’ve decided to revert to my original game plane when it comes to contests. Every month, anyone who makes a comment on my blog will go in the draw to win a Lexxie Couper book of their choice.

Oh, and Flash Friday is returning. I’ve missed it, acutally. Have you?

So, there it is, a brief update. Now… I gotta run. Chickpea is having her afternoon nap and I have about 1,899 words to write in the next sixty minutes. Wish me luck! (continue reading &aquo;)