Fall Frenzy!

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Alright, it’s time to get crazy 🙂

Now most of you who come here know I’m an Aussie, so you’d also know that Spring has sprung Down Under. That’s not stopping me from being apart of an awesome (and I mean AWESOME!) Autumn contest held by one awesome Canuck and one (sorta) equally awesome American

Anyways, I’m a part of the Fall Frenzy contest being held by Vivian Arend (the awesome Canuck) and Moira Roger (the awesome Americans – you’ll need to check out Moira’s site to see why I’ve used the plural *grin*). The prizes are also awesome. Check it out…

Free books (a total of TEN!) PLUS….

  • Grand Prize #1: A $200 Gift Certificate to your choice of the following: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple or Borders
  • Grand Prize #2: A refurbished Sony Pocket Reader + $100 Gift Certificate to All Romance Ebook

That’s a pretty damn impressive prize list, don’t you think? And there’s more (no really, there is). Samhain Publishing are also giving away a blogger’s prize! What’s a blogger’s prize? You’ll have to check out the contest to find out (hee, hee, yes I am that evil *grin*)

So, this is what you need to do now. Click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!! Once there, follow the instructions. Easy peasy.

I’d like to take this quick moment to say thank you thank you thank you to Viv and Moira for asking me to join this awesome event. I’m not only flattered, I’m chuffed, stoked and blown away. Ladies, you are both truly…well, awesome 🙂



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OK, my website is back and working again. This means this blog will pretty much become my back-up blog. I’m also getting my act together and returning to the blog schedule. Yay!

Please please please head over to my site and say hi!

I’m just about to post a snippet from Death, The Vamp and His Brother (my full length novel currently with an agent! Yes, an agent! *fingers crossed*)

So, of course…

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the moment I redirect everyone, my website goes belly up.

Looks like I’m back 🙂

Keep you posted

Have You Been Wondering Where I Am??

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I’ve updated my website and now my blog lives there. Please come and visit. I’ve been neglecting it of late (deadlines! Aaarrgghhh!!!) but I’m about to start lavishing my love on it again.

Here’s the link – http://lexxiecouper.com

And here’s a book trailer – just so your visit here wasn’t wasted 🙂

Talent!! Wes Carr

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OK, I need to confess something. I’m an Australian Idol junkie. I’m addicted and this year the performers have all been incredible. But my favourite is Wes Carr. Wes is in the final three (the final two will be announced tonight, Australian time) and I would bet my house he will be in the final two. This was one of his performances last night. Amazing. Absolutely amazing!

(continue reading &aquo;)

Resurrection, Deadline Hell, NanoWrimo and Molars

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I’m back. Yes, I did go away. No honest I did. *grin* I didn’t actually GO anywhere this time, not physically, but I have been spending waaaay too much time in a horrible, horrible place called Deadline Hell. Deadline Hell is a hideous, exhausting place. A place of little sleep, gnawing self-doubt and nasty, nasty paranoia. I need to have a 70,000 word mss finished, polished and submitted to my editor by the end of this month. My current word count is 39,650. I’m getting there, but damn, I really really wish I could just go to bed *grin*

Of course, like the maniac I am, I decided to do NanoWrimo this month (as if I didn’t have enough to do). Never done it before, but my very very good friend, Dawn Montogermy convinced me to do it, so I’m there. I set myself a two thousand words a day count and have pretty much completely failed. But you know what? I’m having lots of fun trying to make that count so I don’t really mind all that much. If you check out my NanoWrimo page you can track my progress, read a blurb for the book and check out a snippet.

As for the molars…guess who now has three. Yep. At thirteen months of age, Chickpea has three molars, two of which cut at the same time. It’s been an interesting past month. Lots of tears, lots of cuddles, lots of tantrums…and then there’s Chickpea (*grin*) Peanut looks at her baby sister sometimes when Chickpea is at her worst and I can see her wondering if I’d notice if she put Chickpea in the local letter box. Hmmmm….

But on the whole – apart from life being ridiculously busy and my terrible neglect of this blog – things are going well. On a bloggish kinda note, I’ve decided to revert to my original game plane when it comes to contests. Every month, anyone who makes a comment on my blog will go in the draw to win a Lexxie Couper book of their choice.

Oh, and Flash Friday is returning. I’ve missed it, acutally. Have you?

So, there it is, a brief update. Now… I gotta run. Chickpea is having her afternoon nap and I have about 1,899 words to write in the next sixty minutes. Wish me luck! (continue reading &aquo;)

Spaceport: Hidden Phase NOW AVAILABLE

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Yep, it’s here. My favourite book to date. I fell in love with Sabain Talano. I hope you do too.

“Target acquired. Registered name, Sabian Talano.”
“Military service?”
“What have you got on him?”
“Registered name, Sabian Talano.”
“That’s it? No history of any kind?”
“No other information is available at this time.”

No one on Spaceport Adana knows who Sabian Talano really is. Everything about Talano, the head bouncer at the spaceport’s most popular bar, Haze, is shrouded in absolute mystery. All that’s known is this: Don’t piss him off if you want to stay in one piece. Don’t mess with Emylie, his equally mysterious companion, if you want to stay alive. No one knows who Sabian Talano is, and that’s exactly the way he wants it to stay.

So who is the woman in skin-tight red leather called Falynn Mavek who suddenly appears on the spaceport? Who is the massive man with her, she calls Forty-Two? What is she doing on ’Port Adana asking questions about the secretive head bouncer? And why do her eyes burn with hunger when she finally finds him?

Sabian Talano’s dark chilling past is about to catch up with him. And it couldn’t be more dangerous. Or erotic.

Buy it now from Changeling Press


Spaceport: Hidden Phase
Lexxie Couper
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2008 Lexxie Couper

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Haze, Spaceport Adana
IAC 211

“Who’s goin’t make me?”

Sabian Talano suppressed a sigh, his stare fixed firmly on the inebriated, slightly swaying Mendovian waving a broken bottle in his face. Every time a new ship docked, every time a new smuggler, illegal trader or bounty hunter landed on ’Port Adana, Sabian had to deal with at least one idiot too intoxicated to realize they were about to get their nose/muzzle/snout broken.

Tonight was no exception. The Mendovian with the broken bottle and twitching eye stalks had spent the better part of the evening — and a shitload of credits — pouring ale after ale down his throat, boasting to anyone who cared to listen about the haul of Ezelian Dream Spice he’d just snatched from under the IAC’s nose. Mauling the ropki girls, groping the bar staff and hurling insults at K’Mere’s latest rendition of the Zondorian classic “Whip Me” on karaoke.

As far as Sabian was concerned, the drunken imbecile should have been ejected from the bar after his second drink, but Hazel — being a big fan of pissing off the IAC — had given the smuggler a little more slack… (continue reading &aquo;)