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Guess Who Just Got An Ellora’s Cave Contract????

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(More to come……. *grin*)



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Look what I made today…

Celia Kyle is lovely!

Eight Ridiculous Questions With Julia Talbot

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Julia Talbot has been assimilated by Texas, where there is hot and cold running rodeo, cowboys, and smoked brisket. A full time author, Julia has been published by Torquere Press, Suspect Thoughts, Pretty Things Press, and Changeling Press. She can most often be found in coffee shops and restaurants, scribbling in her notebook and entertaining other diners with her mutterings.

How far is too far?

Getting drunk and taking your clothes off at… Oh, wait. Y’all don’t want to hear that. Honestly? Don’t lie to me. Period.

Can you define happiness?

You know it. Embrace your inner whatever. In my case, I stopped trying to be an intellectual and embraced my inner redneck. I have bullriding, frequent Tim McGraw concerts and lots of cowboy boots. Life is good.

What’s the best sound in the world?

Right now, it’s my puppies yarping. I have two six month old basset hounds, and they are an absolute joy

What music would you like played at your funeral?

Hmm. I’m torn between The Rain King by Counting Crows (so people remember to drama llama and cry, naturally) and This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away, by George Strait, because any song that ends with, “Oh the last goodbye’s the hardest one to say.
This is where the cowboy rides away” is the perfect funeral song!

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?

A leg. I need both hands to write, man. I can’t type with my poor diabetic toes…

Are you a folder or a scruncher?

I am a scruncher of mammoth proportions. You should see me when I’m going on a long road trip. I look like the Beverly Hillbillies. Thank goodness for those Space Bag things, that squoosh all the air out of your clothes. I’d never be able to pack without them.

Spit or swallow?

Swallow. I say own it if you’re gonna do it.

If you were a porn star, what would be your name?

Blondy Peachybutt, of course. Ride ’em, cowgirl!

Julia’s answers had me rolling on the ground laughing my butt off! Check out her site here –

Sorry! (Oh, and Iron Man)

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I kinda dropped outta existence there for a day. Just after I posted that last comment about the winner/s my husband told me he was giving me a BRAND NEW MacBook and needed to change everything over. Now, I’m not going to say NO to a brand new laptop, so I handed my computer over quicksmart. Now is the first chance I’ve had to finally get back here to you all.

So, who is the winner of a copy of Spaceport: Highest Bidder? MINDY!!!! Yay, Mindy. Send me an email, Mindy, and I’ll zip you a copy of Spaceport: Highest Bidder ASAP.

Who wins the mystery prize? Rachel and Danette BOTH! I have two “hand-made by Lexxie beaded book thongs” for you both. Let me know where I can send them to and I’ll pop them in the post.

Thanks, Everyone for sharing my release day with me. I had lots of fun. Your comments made me feel really happy!

Now….. to Iron Man. I am hopeless at writing review, so I apologise in advance. Iron Man was BRILLIANT!!!! Robert Downey Jnr is gorgeous and sexy and arrogant, the plot is fast, action-packed and (surprisingly) completely believable, the CGI is non-invasive and very impressive, and I even liked Gwyneth Paltrow in her role as Tony Stark’s PA. I wanted to walk back into the cinema and see it again, and probably would have done if it twern’t for Chickpea and Peanut waiting at home for me with our very wonderful sitter.

Here’s a little bit of drool-worthy imagery of Mr. Downey Jnr, just because.

and another one…

Do I give the film a rating? You bet your butt I do.

Iron Man – 9.5/10! (Yep, it’s that good!!!)

Spaceport: Highest Bidder AVAILABLE NOW!!!

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It’s here! Available now! My entry into the Changeling Press Spaceport series, Highest Bidder.

Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite…

Spaceport: Highest Bidder
Lexxie Couper
All rights reserved.
Copyright 2008 Lexxie Couper

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

God, she didn’t want to get married.

Naya Kistara stared out at the congregation, ignoring the enrapt expressions on the faces of the massing hundreds. Was it too late to take off? To steal a ship and disappear into Allied Planet space?

Reverent hands lifted her ceremonial robes from her shoulders and she let out a wry sigh. Definitely too late.

The cool air of the temple kissed her flushed, naked body, rippling her scented flesh into a mass of tiny bumps. She resisted the urge to run her palms up and down her bronze-dusted arms. She might be cold, but any moment now, the Sub-Priests would begin their mellifluous chants, the door to the temple would open and in would walk her future husband. Gloriously unclothed. Proudly aroused. Ready to take her prized virginity there and then on the Altar of K’Ryst.

What he first laid eyes on could greatly influence what she’d become after the ceremony.

Saving the people of Old Earth — her people — from annihilation was all very well and good, but she didn’t want to become a sniveling wimp in the process. If her husband saw a woman with dignity, spirit and strength, perhaps that’s what he’d think of — lust for — during the “Joining.”

Suppressing another sigh, Naya lifted her chin. She could only hope.

A commotion outside, like the smashing of a thousand panes of ancient Earth crystal, suddenly shattered the worshipful silence of the temple. A high-pitched wail came from outside, piercing and terrified, only to be whipped away and silenced by the roaring wind. Around her, the congregation began to shuffle, shooting glances at each other. Nervous.

Naya frowned. She’d yet to meet her future husband, but surely he didn’t require destruction to announce his arrival?

There was another wail from outside — louder and torn with agony — and as one the congregation gasped. Naya’s eyes widened. God save her, what kind of man was she to —

A shattering boom rocked the hushed temple, showering the Joining congregation with disturbed marble dust, rat shit and bird lice from the ceiling. Naya flinched, raising her arm to shield her eyes. Fine particles of grit fell on her shoulders, in her hair, and she brushed at her flesh, smudging the iridescent bronze dust coating her body. A swift intake of breath to her left made her start, and she turned her head, frowning at the attendant standing beside her. The man gazed at the strip of newly exposed flesh on her shoulder, and Naya couldn’t miss the sight of his pulse suddenly hammering in his neck.

Deviant!” the High Priest snapped, barging between Naya and the gaping attendant. “Do not look upon the reiphia’s flesh!”

Naya started, giving the scowling High Priest a stunned look. He looked her in the eye for a split second and his face filled with heat before he turned away, stepping past the altar and raising his arms. “Do not be concerned.” His deep voice boomed throughout the cavernous room, bounced off the grimy walls. “All is well. The Joining will –”

With a sudden eruption of splinters, the Great Doors burst open. Naya squealed, ducking as flying debris flew all around her.

For a still second nothing happened, and then an icy Earth wind gusted through the gaping hole, lashing at her naked, vulnerable body, pinching her deeply bronzed nipples into rock-hard nubs of flesh.

Naya didn’t take any notice.

Because right at the very moment, ten massive men covered in armor and furs stormed into the temple. Ten men with intricately scarred faces and wicked weapons.

Ten men looking at her.

Naya’s heart leapt into her throat. Mentuan slavers. Mentuan sex-slavers.

By the Old God, she was in trouble.