Flash Fiction Friday – Fire

When she could take no more, when her body felt like it was no longer flesh and blood, but an inferno of devouring bliss, she whimpered.

He paused, lifting his head slightly from the junction of her thighs to blow a soft stream of breath onto the sodden, throbbing folds of her sex. She moaned, fisting the sheets below her, eyes closed, hips raised.

“More?” he asked, before returning to his worship of her pussy without waiting for a reply.

The fire consuming her, possessing her grew hotter. Groaning, she bucked her hips higher, wanting – no, needing his tongue inside her. Only then would the inferno be extinguished.

He lifted his head again, tracing her nether-lips made wet by his tongue with his fingertip. “More?”

Incapable of speech, balancing on the scalding knife-edge of her orgasm, she nodded, eyes gazing blindly at the ceiling. Oh, God. How could she feel this much pleasure and this much pain at once?

He slipped a finger into her sex. Wriggled it. Found the sweetest spot inside her walls and stroked as his lips and tongue found the tiny button of concentrated rapture and suckled.

The flames engulfed her. Took her. Incinerated her.

And she cried out. (continue reading &aquo;)


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