Something Sad Is Happening In My World

I do apologise for this post, but I really need to express my absolute grief and heartache about a situation currently taking place in Sydney.

Most of you who have been traveling my worlds with me for a while will know I’m an animal lover and animal rights activist. I believe strongly that man should treat all animals with respect and compassion and the greatest of care. I do not use products tested on animals nor do I condone lot farming. To see and animal in pain or suffering breaks my heart and I would do (and will do) anything I can to prevent such a thing happening.

Three days ago a baby humpback whale was found nuzzling a yacht in The Basin in Pitwater (a secluded, protected part of Sydney Harbour) The two-three week old calf has been either separated from its mother or abandoned by her. The calf, named Colin by Sydney’s wildlife authorities, has been moving from yacht to yacht, nuzzling each, confusing their large bulk for his mother, trying to suckle from their hulls in what is obviously a desperate attempt to feed.

Marine and wildlife experts estimate Colin has not feed for five to six days. An attempt to lead Colin back out to open sea in hopes his mother will find him or a passing pod will adopt him failed and Colin returned to Pitwater.

The images of this poor baby whale suckling on yachts, looking for its mother have reduced me to tears. There is great debate (some of it quite heated and aggressive) about what can be done for Colin. A poll run by The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia’s leading newspaper, saw 48% of respondents wanting to do whatever was necessary to save Colin. Scientists are split on what can be done. As of an hour ago (7pm, Thursday) the decision had been made to euthanize the calf. As I type this, I am crying.

I know the right thing to do is end the poor calf’s suffering. I know the chances of another pod adopting it are slim, but as a mother the thought of not doing everything humanly possible to save Colin makes me angry and miserable.

I wish I could do something more to help, but all I have at this time is my voice and my hope that a greater force will intervene and Colin will be saved and loved.

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