Hot Excerpt – Spaceport: Hidden Phase

OK, this book isn’t available from Changeling Press until the 10th October, but I thought I’d tease you all with a little snippet in the interim, just to whet your appetites. The second in my Spaceport trilogy (there is another on the way called Spaceport: Heartfelt Scoundrel) it focuses on the IAC’s most lethal assassin and his student. Enjoy…

Oh, I should tell you, this is totally unedited so there will be mistakes a plenty. And it’s kinda short cause when I went looking for an excerpt to share with you, I discovered I couldn’t find one that didn’t spoil some very important plot surprise or reveal too much information. Please forgive me 🙂

Shit, he really knew what to do to make her hot. He was aggressive, almost brutal. He took from her with a savage power that made her cunt flood with fresh cream.
Sliding his large hands under her hips, he cupped her butt cheeks, squeezing each curve of muscle as he tortured her ass with his tongue. She hissed in a silent breath, feeling her ass grow damp. Painted with the slick lubrication secreted by Forty-Two’s tongue. His cock was massive, the phallus more than fitting his seven-foot frame. She knew he was going to penetrate her there and her pussy grew sodden with anticipation. Anal sex with Forty-Two was like a double dose of concentrated pleasure spiked with pure pain. It was incredible, punishing and completely unsentimental. What she needed. What she deserved.
An appreciative rumble sounded in her companion’s chest and he yanked her harder to his mouth, lifting her feet from the bed to wrap her legs around his head. His hands mauled her ass, her hips. He peppered her tight opening with rapid jabs of his tongue, the thick muscle growing more pointed with each stroke until she felt its slick, rounded tip push into the puckered hole.
She clamped her teeth shut, fists pulling at the sheet. She bucked, her wild rhythm in perfect sync with Forty-Two’s tongue. His fingers stretched her butt cheeks further apart, granting his mouth greater access to her anus. He dipped into her, tongue fat and stiff. A slightly smaller replica of the enormous shaft between his solid, steely thighs.
By kirs, she was going to come. (continue reading &aquo;)


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