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It’s Here!

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My very first Ellora’s Cave release – Stone’s Soul.

And here’s a juicy (not-for-kiddies) snippet to tease you all. Enjoy…

“I am with you now.”

The voice tickled her senses like a playful breeze and suddenly Jordynn realized she was naked. Gloriously, wonderfully naked. Her breasts full and heavy and exposed to the breaking day, her pussy wet and aching for attention.

“Feel me.”

Brown hands skimmed across her hips and belly. Long, sure fingers slipped between her bare thighs, parting the sodden lips of her pussy without preamble. Jordynn pulled in a short breath. Warmth licked through her body in languid strokes, radiating from her sex. She closed her eyes, knowing she was dreaming once more but not caring in the least.

She would deal with her unhinged mind later. For now, she would enjoy her birthday fantasy and go with the exquisite, rapturous flow. Oh God, would she go with the flow. A wonderful, sinful birthday present from herself.

“Tell me why you are lonely?”

The softly murmured question caressed her ear as the fingers in her pussy played over her clit.

Delicious pleasure flooded her core, her belly. She arched her back, pushing harder against the hands between her thighs. A tiny smile curled her lips. Utterly amazing sex and psychological therapy in one sweet dream? Talk about brilliant multi-tasking! “I’ve never been moved by anyone,” she murmured back, rolling her hips backward and forward. “My heart’s never been touched…”

“Touched?” The fingers slid over the throbbing nub of her clit, sending ribbons of bliss deep into her core. “Like this?” Warm lips brushed the sensitive hollow just below her earlobe, followed by a tender nip from teeth she knew to be both straight and white.

She leaned back into her dream lover’s embrace, feeling his rock-hard cock nudge her ass cheeks with wordless promise. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes.”

Her lover, the utterly incredible imagined man that he was, pushed the tip of one finger past the sodden lips of her sex. “Yes?”

Jordynn nodded wordlessly, giving herself over to the raw pleasure the slow but purposeful penetration created. She lifted her arms, tangling her hands in his long, thick hair, pressing her ass harder to his rigid shaft. Damn, she never wanted to wake again.

The lone finger grazed over her now-swollen clit before dipping deeper into her sex once more. Jordynn pulled in a deep breath and parted her thighs slightly, granting greater access.

The invitation was accepted. Another finger joined the first, seeking and finding her wet warmth. Both wiggled, stroking the sweetest of spots within the well of her pussy.

“Jesus, that feels fucking fantastic!”

A deep chuckle sounded in her ear, sending wicked ripples of lust through Jordynn’s body. She tugged on a fistful of hair and was rewarded with a thrust of fingers and cock. She gasped. “God, do I know how to dream!”

Warm lips pressed to her neck. “Why do you think you are dreaming, huapala?”

Jordynn let her head fall to the side, curving her neck for his mouth to explore. “What other explanation is there?”

Her lover smoothed his free hand up her body, warm palm charting a slow course over her belly, the curve of her rib cage, until he found her left breast. “A joining of spirits?” His lips nipped her flesh as he cupped her breast. “A connection of souls?”


Jordynn whimpered at the delicious sensations the fingers between her thighs and on her nipple created. At the single word defining the one thing she hungered for the most.


How did he know?

It’s your dream, Jordynn. Your psyche.

Soft, warm lips nibbled at her earlobe. “It is becoming more than that.”

Jordynn leaned deeper into his exquisite embrace. “Is it?” She didn’t know what else to say. Dream or no, this strange, powerful man knew everything in her heart.

The fingers in her sex dipped deeper still, stroking the walls within. “Your sweet, gentle, lonely soul called mine.” His breath feathered her flesh as he pressed a gentle kiss to her jaw. “I don’t know why or how, but your soul called mine.”

“And you came?”

His lips roamed down her neck. “How could I not?”


What I’m Lovin’ This Week…

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…anyone heard of a little sporting competition called the Olympics?

It’s only fair to say we Aussies love our sport and idolise our sporting heroes, so it’s probably stating the bleeding obvious when I say I’ve been glued to the telly watching the Olympic coverage. The gymnastics (both men’s and women’s) have blown me away, and I gotta admit, I’ve spent quite a bit of time imagining what the arms, shoulders, tummies and butts would feel like under my palms of most of the men gymnasts 😀 (Does that make me a bad person?). The synchronised diving has been fantastic to watch, as has the hockey! I’m an old hockey player myself, so I’ve pretty much been screaming at the telly whenever the Australian hockey teams, the Kookaburras (mens) and Hockeyroos (womens) are playing.

Yes, I’m close to getting square eyes at the moment, but do you know what has really caught my attention?

Eamon Sullivan.

I know he’s not the greatest swimmer on the planet. There’s no doubt Micheal Phelps takes that crown, but this young Aussie record breaker makes me cheer and feel especially proud to be an Aussie.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave you all with a little info dump courtesy of Wikipedia. The day’s Olympics coverage has started. The telly calls…

Eamon Sullivan, (born, 30 August 1985 in Perth, Western Australia) is an Australian Sprint Swimmer. He is the current world record holder for the 50 m Freestyle and the 100m Freestyle. Sullivan became the fastest swimmer in history after he broke the world 50 m freestyle record at the 2008 NSW Open Championships at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. He timed 21.56 to slash 0.08 off the 21.64 set by the Russian Alexander Popov at Moscow in June 2000. However his time was beaten to 21.50 by French Alain Bernard on 23 March 2008, He significantly improved his last PB standing at 22.00 s. He declared he had had positive feelings of being in a good form for the race earlier on. Shortly after, he swam for West Coast club in the 4×100 m freestyle Relay and clocked 48.11 s, cutting 0.07 off Michael Klim record set for Australian relay at the 2000 Olympics. His time was also a Commonwealth record, knocking 0.06 s off the previous time gained by South African Roland Schoeman.

On 27 March 2008 at Australian Olympic Trials at the same venue he regained his shot as the 50 m freestyle world record holder with a time of 21.41 s, then broke his own record a day later with 21.28 s.

On 11 August 2008, he broke the 100 meter freestyle world record in the first leg of the 4×100 relay with a time of 47.24, Australia finished under the previous world record, broke the Oceania record and finished third in the relay in a time of 3.09.91. Before the Olympics, the Australian record was 3.13.67 in winning the event at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Thank you to Wikipedia for the info dump.

Oh, and guess what? Tomorrow is the big day!! Stone’s Soul time! Yay!!!!!