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Hot Excerpt – Stone’s Soul (#3)

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It’s coming this Friday, guys! Whhheeeeeeeee

(And if you thought the last excerpt was naughty…… *grin*)

Be Warned! Definitely NOT for children.

She licked her lips, willing to let the dream continue. What else could it be? She was alone, it was near midnight. Her clothes seemed to have miraculously disappeared. When her imagination could create a sexual god like this, why should she fight the call of sleep?
The hands on her breasts squeezed. Softly at first and then with greater force. Bolts of wicked tension shot through her, targeting her sex. She gasped and arched into his grip, grinding her hard nipples into his hot palms. Her pussy constricted, longing to be filled. To be pumped into with savage, repetitive strokes.
A shift in her dream lover’s position brought his hips closer to hers and Jordynn realized she was standing, her thighs brushing his, their groins aligned. The solid length of his cock nudged the smooth curve of her mons, sending another shard of exquisite pleasure to her core. Damn, she was so fucking ready. Ready to be fucked and used and pleasured beyond comprehension. How could a figment of her imagination do this?
Does it matter?
Jordynn closed her eyes on her own question, giving herself over to what her mind and body so obviously wanted. Lust. Passion. Connection. The sense of being needed by someone. Her soul burned with it. An intoxicating heat matched by the hands on her body.
Strong fingers played over her tight nipples, tweaked one and then the other. Pinched them until Jordynn whimpered. She wiggled, pushing her hips toward the steely cock pressed to her groin. “Yes,” she murmured.
“Yes,” her dream lover echoed. He scooped each breast into his hands, molding them together, rolling the pads of his thumbs over her nipples as he did so. She arched into his touch again, gnawing on her bottom lip. His flesh scalded hers like a brand, a contact so hot it felt like blistering ice. Without preamble, he raked his hands down her rib cage, sank his fingers into her ass cheeks and yanked her completely against his body.
She cried out, both in surprise and delight. His shaft, more thick and solid and meaty than ever, ground into her belly, stealing her breath. He dug his fingers harder into the firm muscles of her ass, lifting her slightly from the ground until the swollen head of his cock pushed, insistent, at the sodden lips of her sex. “You are wet.”
His deep, smoky voice caressed her senses. She opened her eyes and gazed up into his face, wanting to see him, truly see him. He may be a dream, but she wanted to see what her soul hungered for.
Shadows hid his face from her stare. Except for his eyes. Brilliant green. Cutting, sharp green. Ablaze with a need equal to hers.
She rolled her hips, sliding her pussy over the distended bulge of his cock’s tip. “You’ve made me wetter than I’ve ever been.”
“And you have made me harder.”
His statement flooded her pussy with cream. She whimpered, pushing her hips forward. She wanted to feel his thick, impressive cock buried inside her again. “Fuck me!” The command burst from her, hoarse and almost pleading. Her blood roared in her ears, surging through her veins, pumping through her quivering body by her hungry heart. “Fuck me,” she ordered again. “Now!”
Eyes flashing, those molten swirls of green lava scalding her soul, he snared her wrists in his fists and pinned them beside her head against the wall, the bulbous head of his cock pushing farther into the folds of her sex. “Gladly.”
He smacked his ankle against the instep of her right foot, knocking her legs wider apart, and he thrust his hips upward, impaling her on his massive cock.
Exquisite pain shot through her. Her sex stretched around his thick width, her swollen pussy lips igniting with stinging fire. She cried out, her nails sinking into her palms as she clenched her fists. The uncut stone in her right hand scalded her flesh with icy heat, its rough, uneven angles digging into her fingers as she squeezed her fists tighter. A ribbon of concentrated pleasure rippled out from the contact, through her palm, along her arm, down her body into the pit of her stomach. She cried out again, engulfed in the impossible, fantastical rapture.


I Am Marble Cake!

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You Are a Marble Cake

Eclectic, inventive, and peaceful.

You are never willing to accept what’s “normal.” You live to push the envelope.

You find it hard to make up your mind. You prefer to have everything you want, right away!

What Kind of Cake Are You?
The delicious Dawn is Strawberry cake. I couldn’t resist. I think marble sums me up very well. 😀