Hot Excerpt – Stone’s Soul

Here it is! The first official excerpt from my first Ellora’s Cave release. (It’s available next week and hopefully I’ll be getting its cover any day now. As soon as I do, I’ll post it here along with another more explicit excerpt. So make sure you come back, ok? 🙂 )

An Excerpt From: STONE’S SOUL

Copyright © LEXXIE COUPER, 2008

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

Jordynn Harrison looked at the small, dirt-encrusted stone in her hand. Something about it puzzled her. It didn’t look right. About the size of a walnut, its rough surface seemed somehow unnatural. Too concise in formation. She raised it close to her face, rolling it between her thumb and fingers, searching for clues in its texture. Hmmm. Definitely not igneous. Maybe evaporitic, possibly metamorphic…

A soft warmth spread through her fingers. A tingling heat.

Jordynn frowned. She brought the stone closer still, studying it intently. No naturally formed stone she knew of conducted heat without a heat source, and despite the humid mid-summer afternoon, she didn’t think the dormant Hawaiian Mauna Kea volcano constituted as a heat source. Nor, for that matter, did her fingers.

She cocked an eyebrow. “Odd.”

Without warning, a blistering heat singed her fingers, like she’d closed them around the molten tip of a fire poker. With a sharp and totally undignified yelp, Jordynn dropped the stone. “Ow!” She studied her stinging fingers. Long, slightly calloused and ingrained with dirt. Typical geologist’s fingers. Yet, despite the pain radiating from their tips, free of any blisters or reddening burn marks.

Jordynn frowned, turning her inspection to the hastily dropped stone at her feet. Gingerly, she picked it up. Small, dull and cold. Hardly anything to make her cry out like a little girl. She turned it over and over, gnawing on her bottom lip as she did so. Something about it looked…wrong.

She spat on the stone’s grimy surface and smeared away some of its crusted dirt.

A chill rippled up her arm, lifting the fine hairs on her skin and making her nipples pinch into tight peaks. Jordynn blinked, staring at the now dullish-green stone in her hand. What the…?

Another chill shot up her arm, followed by a wave of pulsating heat.

Her pussy clenched in response, as though replying to an unknown question.

Do you want to be filled?

Oh yes, please!

“What the hell?” Her muttered words sounded oddly loud in the silence and she blinked.

Unease crashed over her and she swallowed a sudden lump in her throat. Silence? In the forest? She tore her stare from the strange stone to look out at the lush Hawaiian rainforest.

And saw a man standing on Mauna Kea’s rim.

A naked man, with long, glossy-black hair and deeply bronzed skin stretched over hard, sculpted muscles.

A naked man staring at her through thick, black lashes with piercing eyes the color of wild limes.

Jordynn started, dropping the stone again.

The man disappeared. Just like that. One second there, the next, gone.

Jordynn’s throat squeezed tight. “What the hell?


5 Responses to “Hot Excerpt – Stone’s Soul”

  1. This looks great, Lexxie, I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Little Lamb Lost Says:

    Loved collecting interesting rocks as a kid. Now that I am grown up, I still love rocks, minerals and gems…they hold a certain fascination. The stone that the heroine found clearly holds an even more intriguing appeal than the ones I’ve found over the years. Sounds like a fun story.

  3. This book looks great Lex.

  4. OMG!!!

    Lexie, can I have that stone???? Pretty please with sugar on top!!!

    One more book on my MUST READ list.

    sandie * drooling again *

  5. Cathy – Thank you 🙂 Y’know I never thought I’d one day have an Ellora’s Cave release. I’m pretty excited. And nervous too.

    Little Lamb – I know what you mean about rocks. I had a hue stone and crystal collection when I was a kid. Researching this story was so fascinating I wanted to go back to university!

    Tami – 🙂 I hope reader’s think so. Thank you.

    Sandie – LMAO I tell you what, Sandie. We’ll share it. The day I signed the Ellora’s Cave contract I went and bought myself a peridot ring. It’s beautiful, but I keep waiting every night for the wild dreams to start. So far, nuthin’ 😀 Oh, well, good thing the hubby’s willing to play *grin*

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