Flash Fiction – Bound

She twisted her wrists, the soft, subtle leather wrapped around them caressing her flesh. Her pulse quickened and her nipples pinched tight. An elemental ache throbbed between her thighs and she whimpered, staring at the man standing before her. “Please,” she whispered, the plea barely more than a breath.

His dark sapphire eyes flashed and he smiled, the languid action revealing fangs long and pointed. “Please, what?”

She squirmed, thrusting her heavy swollen breasts forward, longing for his mouth to brand them even as she struggled against the leather strips binding her wrists together. “Please…take me.”

He stepped closer to her, long, corded thighs encased in snug black leather, lean, muscled torso bare. He trailed the tendrils of his whip through his fingers, the tip of his tongue playing over his fangs. “Do you want me to release you?”

Her sex throbbed at the question. What answer did he want? Her face flushed with heat and she lowered her head, gazing blindly at the floor. What answer did she want to give?

He feathered the whip over her shoulders, along her collarbone and down to her nipples. First one, then the other. “Well?”

She gasped, eyes fluttering closed at the squirming tension building between her pressed thighs. She was tied and vulnerable and totally in his control. No one was saving her. She was his.

Cool fingers replaced the whip’s caress of her breasts. “Well?”

Lifting her head, she met his burning blue stare. “I do not wish you to release me. Take me as I am now. Bound.”

His stare drilled into her. “By leather?”

She nodded.

“To me?”

She nodded again.

He moved. Fast. He tangled his fist in her hair and yanked back her head, his mouth pressing to her neck before she could blink, his hard body pressing her back, his thick erection pressing to her butt. Teeth grazed her flesh, just below her ear. “Then let it be so. I will take you bound by leather and you will take all I give you.”

His tongue touched her neck as his hands closed over her breasts. Wet rapture flooded her sex and she closed her eyes.

And then he claimed her. Bound by leather. Bound to him. Taken. Owned.


7 Responses to “Flash Fiction – Bound”

  1. Damn, it’s the middle of the day the kids are home and you’ve got me squirming in my seat. sigh

  2. LOL. Shall I say sorry?

  3. Don’t you dare be sorry for writing that!!!!
    OMG!! You’re writing is great. I hate you! LOL No I don’t, I love you and I’m jealous. sigh
    Hey, I hear you share an editor with my CP, Mari Carr, small world.

  4. Lexxie, at least I’m on my way to bed, and maybe to look for some toys on the way.
    WOWZA!!! That is super HOT.

    I’ve been trying to figure out our time zone difference and I think I found you on a map and not to far from Syndey, which should put you 14 hour ahead on my Eastern time zone here in Michigan according to the world clock calculator
    Am I right on that?


  5. Little Lamb Lost Says:

    Well, that is certainly an inspiring post to read. May have to read it again a few times to make sure I got all of the details…

  6. I want to be taken like that!! Can I trade places with her? Lexxie your writing so kicks ass, I love it!

  7. Hey Rhian – It’s a very small world. I LOVE Mari’s Erotic Research. Wow! Lucky you to have such a great CP. I’m envious!

    Sandie – Yep, I think 14 hours is right. I’m hopeless at trying to figure it out, so I installed a little widget on my laptop that allows me to open different clocks for the people I interact with the most around the world. I now have a clock set for Michigan, so guess what? I can now stalk you any time of the day and night! Mwhahaha (that’s my evil laugh, btw *grin*)

    Little Lamb – LOL Many many times? It’s funny, this did just start life as a super short, but it’s beginning to grow legs in my head. Could become something so much more…

    Tami – I sooooo want to be taken like that, too! *sigh* I vote we all get a turn at the nameless stranger, what do you think? (And thank you. You’ve made me grin)

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