Flash Fiction Friday


In the dark, he came to me. Insubstantial as smoke. Cool as mist. Yet his mouth, his tongue… hot. Wet. Masterful.

His hands claimed my body, his lips my nipple. I moaned, the sound loud in the silent night.

I am here. The words formed in my head. A statement echoed by the nudging pressure of his rigid cock on my pussy lips.

I opened to him, feeling him fill me. Stretching. Consuming. Possessing.

His mouth worked my nipple, his fingers my breasts. His cock my cunt.

I am here. The words again. In my head.

And I came.


One Response to “Flash Fiction Friday”

  1. Her body flew through the neon purple – orange – red – blue. Like outer space. Like no gravity. Her hair stretched out in front of her face, some of it stuck to her clammy forehead. I wanted to catch her, but she just landed in the arms of another man.

    more at: http://maxwelljay.wordpress.com/

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